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About Kulturlänk (Culture link)

Culture Link educates and inspires increased knowledge and awareness in matters of communication across cultural and religious boundaries.

Addressing questions about cultural meetings, cultural differences, tolerance and understanding is important to our entire society, today perhaps more than ever. Increased knowledge provides greater opportunities for managing new situations and avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings.


Kulturlänk primarily deals with school and preschool staff, healthcare professionals and government officials, but also to private industry.
The conservation will, among other things, be an increased insight into the importance of their own role in meeting people and knowledge about how to create good conditions for consensus and cooperation across cultural and religious boundaries.


Lectures offer a mixture of broad cultural knowledge and practical experience in meeting people from other parts of the world. Lust and dedication is the leader.

How we meet and meet the diversity of our workplaces is undoubtedly one of our most important future issues!

All lectures can be tailored to the customer's wishes.
Our main clients are schools, healthcare and government agencies.


Kulturlänk is run by the religious historian, cultural communicator and lecturer Jeanette Ohlsson Carlborg

Jeanette Ohlsson Carlborg

Meet Jeanette Ohlsson Carlborg, CEO and owner of Kulturlänk

Jeanette Ohlsson Carlborg is religious historian with Islam and Arab culture as a specialization. For more than 17 years, she has lectured and educated in the field of intercultural communication in healthcare, school and government.


With experience from living for 20 years abroad, Jeanette has gained a unique insight into how people live in other cultures and how religion, culture and tradition affect men's ways of being and relate to themselves and their world.

"As long as I can remember, I have traveled and when I have not traveled, I've longed for it. As a child, I had a fairly early experience that the whole world does not look like Gothenburg. To Lebanon, I moved with my family when I was 8 years old, began in an American school without being able to speak English, longed for the first months, but then took the curiosity and the desire to discover new things."

After studies in France and work in Spain and the United States, there were a few years in Sweden and studies at Lund University; archeology, religious history, islamology and arab culture. Then along with my husband and child it was born in the world again, Singapore, Yemen, Pakistan and Argentina. Three years in each place, four children and two dogs who would be educated into new environments and adapt to new circumstances, have learned not to be afraid of change and to come a long way with a mixture of knowledge, humility and curiosity.


"Everywhere I've been lucky enough to meet people who showed great hospitality and let me in their homes and families and in that way made my new world understandable to me. It is thanks to all these meetings with people in the world that I have learned so much about how culture, tradition and religion affect people's ways of being and relocating to their world "

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